31 Dec 2017

Happy New Year everyone!

Drove along the beach and saw people laying out in bathing suits – it was 59 degrees. Maybe they’re from somewhere that’s 50 degrees colder so this seems warm?

I decided I didn’t like the rigid mounting of the exhaust pipe. I don’t know how much the engine moves around but even if it’s a little, it’s flexing the weld which will eventually crack. A half-bracket was welded on and safety wire looped around so the pipe can move around when it needs to, while at the same time keeping it from resonating and thrashing about.

With the worst of the tuning hopefully done, I couldn’t help but add something admittedly a little childish. Let me explain: normally when the driver takes his foot off the gas, the ECU shuts off fuel. Trouble is, I found a thread where someone asked on a car forum, “How can I get my car to do that cool crackling and popping on deceleration?” How did I not know about this? Disabling fuel-cut is just a checkbox away, and retarding ignition timing at high vacuum (which happens only when coasting in-gear) is easy. This causes any residual fuel to be ignited so late in the cycle that it’s still burning as the exhaust valves open. Done right, it’s not loud but just as described above, a crackling and popping. If the timing is retarded too much, flames may even come out the exhaust, which is kind of a strange thing to want to do because, A. You can’t see it, and B. The cops can. I guess I’ll have to provide a video because right now, I don’t think I’m emitting flames but haven’t confirmed. 🙂

BTW, burning fuel in the exhaust can be taken to an extreme, at which point it becomes “anti-lag”. This is where fuel is purposely dumped into the exhaust where it burns and keeps the turbocharger spinning, which is all fine, except that it’s both loud as hell, sounding like a machine gun, and  it’s not good for the turbocharger. Not going to happen on my car.