4 Dec 2010

Started early since the nose hinge was expected to take a while. It didn’t seem to, and I was a bit surprising to be hungry after only an hour. Nope, five hours had shot by, and more hours were spend after lunch. Anyhow, after what seemed like a hundred mockups and trial fit-ups, I’m pretty happy about how it turned out. The biggest perk is not removing a flimsy aluminum front cover at a show and having no where safe to set it down; having it permanently attached to the nose fixes that. The only small catch was having to trim part of the radiator since the tilting nose was an afterthought and the hinge interfered. After that, started in on radiator ductwork, starting at the nose and working back.

Periodically, the little hairy kid lets me know he wants to play, so there are time-outs to chase him around the yard. If you’ve ever tried getting action shots of your dog you know how tough it can be. After a bunch of failed attempts this one came out great, a lunatic flying Ninja dog.