4 Dec 2021

Yes, real, actual car content!

Went to a “secret” car get together, sort of a miniature Cars and Coffee. This week’s make of interest was Lotus, so Midlana attended, parking a respectful distance away to not insult anyone. Just kidding, as anything and everything shows up. It was nice to get Midlana back out, and need to do more of that.

Perhaps the most interesting car was a GT-40 that sounded quite fearsome. This meet is in an area of town where for all I know, it could well be some authentic rare car from history. The owners sort of matched it, both speaking with thick German accents. For some reason, people owning exotic cars often seem to have foreign accents.

These events run every Saturday morning from 9am to noon, but I usually have a Zoom call with my mom right about that same time. Finally loaded the Zoom app to my phone and did the virtual visit with her from the meet. Sadly, we’re at the point that mom can’t form an entire sentence without forgetting what she was going to say half way through, and between that and being hard of hearing, us three kids end up talking amongst ourselves, but at least we all get to see each other.