4 Jan 2010

The spherical bearings showed up – sort of. It’s a sore point with me, how companies take your money, say the stuff’s on the way, and it isn’t until you receive some of it that you discover part of it’s back-ordered. Specifically, it says, “Shipping direct from the manufacturer.” Okay, so now the book will recommend buying directly from the manufacturer instead of this business that wasn’t up front about being out of stock – what goes around comes around.

Over on the Locost forum, someone complained about my advice that reaming critical holes. He said it isn’t necessary, that drilling with a Unibit-type drill is sufficient. As proof, he showed pictures of the hole  – wow, a picture, I’m convinced. I guess if it’s pretty, it must be good, right?

Curious, I drilled three holes in some scrap material with the drill press, starting with 1/8″ pilots, then 3/8″, then 31/64″. The first hole was finish-drilled to 1/2″ with a drill bit; the second finished with a Unibit, and the third with a reamer, then all were measured with digital calipers.

I was impressed how close the 1/2″ drill bit was, 0.502″. The reamed hole was – not unexpectedly – 0.5005″, but the big surprise was the hole Unibit hole… 0.508″ – yes, you read that right. Perhaps if the Unibit was brand-new it would have been closer – perhaps not. Maybe my drill press is worn, but since the reamed hole was accurate, and the drill and Unibit were not, that’s proof enough for me. So the next time says something’s “fine” because of appearance, be sure to do your own research.

Anyway… the good news is that the bandsaw’s been ordered, from Grizzly 🙂