5 Jul 2010

Welded on the blow-off valve flange and intake air temperature sensor pad. The coolant lines to and from the turbo have been planned out. The loose end right now is finding a place to tap into the engine coolant as high as possible to serve as a bleed back to the header tank. Not sure how that’ll turn out.

Connected the engine harness back up, but there’s a lot of wires that need to be shortened. It’s very tempting to take care of that now before the dyno session.

Will be ordering new shifter cables this week; they’re just too critical to proper operation to have “slightly wrong.” Grrr.

And finally, the search for the first set of tires has begun. As explained in the forum, I’m tending toward sticky ones since however it handles will be recorded for all time in the book; no point using rock-hard tires and have lousy handling. There’ll eventually be a set of track wheels and tires, but for now there’s only one, hence the search for stickier tires than might be used on the street. Remember, at half the weight of “normal” cars, there’ll be an issue getting enough heat into them, which sticky compound helps solve.

The current list of possibilities is: Dunlop Z1 Star Spec (200 TWR), Hankook RS2 (150 TWR), Toyo Proxes R1R (140 TWR), Nitto NT-01 (100 TWR), Toyo RA1 (100 TWR), Hankook Ventus Z214 (40 TWR), and BFG R1 (40 TWR). I’d have gone with V710s but rumor has it that Kumho’s having logistics problems, no one has the sizes I want. While Yoko A048s are available, their sizes are too limited.