5 Mar 2008

The readers have spoken; the front suspension shall be push-rod. I won’t know how the rear suspension will lay out until I get to that part of the design. I suspect it’ll have to be push-rod, too, due to the deep wheels. Even though most builders will use narrower wheels than what I’m using, I have to design it to work with the widest wheels that the design will accommodate.

Ordered a set of fenders fromĀ www.kineticvehicles.com which are needed during mockup of the rear part of the chassis, nevermind that I’ll need them eventually anyway.

Oh, and it looks like I found a buyer for… no, not the car, but the molds. They would have gone with the car, but the lack of car offers meant I was happy to find a buyer for them. It’s just as well; had they left with the car, they would have essentially been given away for free.