5 Mar 2011

Done. Middle picture is running lights only, right-hand picture is with the brakes on, which sort of shouts, “Stop – bitch!” Actually the red is over-exposed; they aren’t as bright as they look, like they could burn the paint off the side of the neighbor’s house. This task seemed to take forever, welding on a flange for the chassis connector, then wiring it all up, made more awkward since the lamps install from the outside, necessitating secondary connectors.

Very glad to have this done because for some reason, lately things seem like disproportionately-large mental blocks to a feeling of finishing the car. Ever since the great progress over the holidays came to an end, there’s been this malaise because there’s no immediate goal, just a long list of nagging tasks.

Still need to connect the third brake light, and at some point wire
in the brake-blinker thingy, but they aren’t on the Nag List.