6 Dec 2017

Headed off to Borrego Springs, mostly because the timing was right. The first picture is part way down the twisty road into town. Just short of the horizon is the Salton Sea. My brother drove out there a couple weeks ago and said the road was in such terrible condition that he didn’t recommend it; another time perhaps.

Poking around on Google Earth lead to making this the destination for this trip, the “Sand Dragon” that lives near town. This thing’s got to be about 300-feet long and note how it continues in the background on the other side of the street. The metalwork and creativity were very impressive. There are a bunch of other sculptures as well but I was worried I’d get high-centered on the dirt access roads.

The last picture is Midlana in front of an odd little building off by itself at the base of the twisty road leading back. Anyone recognize it? It was in the 2000 “Within” and “Without” episodes of “X-files”. In the show it was a school but unsure what it is/was; seems to be closed up and deserted. When I was a kid I remember it being a real estate office.

I tried recording the drive up the hill, but alas, again foiled by slow cars. I didn’t feel strongly enough about driving back down the hill and waiting for a clear spot in traffic because the Highway Patrol regularly runs up and down the hill was another reason to just let it go.

Idle definitely needs more work; it’s still a little erratic, sometimes stalling, and sometimes gets into an up-and-down surging cycle. Other times it idles perfectly…