6 Apr 2011

Decided to do the fuel filler on a whim. This little bastard took all day mostly due to the complex curve the outer ring had to form to. It isn’t a single-plane bend, but a decreasing radius bend toward the front. However, because the assembly is so visible it had to be “right”, so there was no hesitation to proceed. It’ll likely be painted red, along with the suspension arms (and no, this doesn’t mean I know what color the rest of the car will be, but I’m circling in 🙂 Or if the car is dark maybe it’ll be clear-coated.

Did a bit more on the center tunnel/firewall interface. It’s still designing itself but seems to be settling down.

As I was typing this I heard an odd-sounding helicopter, like the rotors were spinning 2-3 times normal speed. Went out and looked and it was a V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft flying over. Pretty cool, as would be expected for around $67 million.