6 Dec 2009

Every once in a while house stuff intrudes into Car Time. You home owners know that solving a house problem by ignoring it doesn’t work – it just gets worse. With the roof done, next up is fixing the siding. Siding Guy is nearly done (for a good price due to the crummy economy), and the next thing on the list is paint… but rainy season is starting early – like, tomorrow. So, paint will be put off for a bit, maybe until spring.

Ignoring the house and working on the car means I never got around to installed rain gutters – big mistake. Due to the bonehead architect of this housing tract, water dripping off the roof gets into the wooden chimney surround causing all sorts of damage. However, I can’t blame the architect entirely because without gutters, the damage is made worse – time to suck it up and get them in before the rains. They’ll have to be removed for paint, but so be it, at least the problem areas will be protected. Putting them up took all Saturday and most of today – TinkerToys for grownups. With much of the day gone I didn’t feel like working on the car, so took Midi to visit my parents, where he gets along great with their dog.

Of course, both dogs are young, and like any “immortal” teenager, don’t know what’s safe and what isn’t – Midi the bonehead decides to jump off an 8-ft wall. No, he didn’t break any bones, but I could tell he really felt it. I’m thinking he won’t do that again; when we got home, he was real careful jumping out of the truck.

For people thinking, “Hey, what about the car?!”; the good news is that I have a big vacation coming up real soon :), so lots of car progress will happen.