6 Feb 2011

Received the more-dense wire mesh for the engine vent, that’ll get swapped-in when I get the strength to cut out the old one, grrr.

It was correctly pointed out that the front shocks were inverted (adding unsprung inertia) and once they were flipped over, the brake lines interfered. Sigh – out came the hammer and the existing mounting studs were knocked off and relocated.

A stainless foot tray was fabricated. Its purpose is to keep the driver’s feet from scratching up the painted aluminum panels, and to keep said feet inboard if a nasty off-road excursion rips off the floor. It was made now because I need a floor(!) and driving the car down the street with nothing could end very badly.

The passenger seat mounts were dealt with next; the seat’s just been sitting in there loose. This seat sits more upright than the driver’s seat, it’s larger, and is shifted forward to miss the driver’s seat shoulder bolsters. For that reason the seatback brace has to reach further forward and is triangulated to keep the seat from moving laterally as well as fore/aft. The lingering concern is the image of the bracket getting shoved through the seatback in a rear-end accident, so a spreader plate was added to distribute the load. There will be two more mounts at the front bottom corners to handle flexing in the other directions.

I suspect some readers are wondering, “Why do all that unnecessary stuff when you could be working to drive it down the street?” True, but there’s still the long list of tasks to be completed, and everything has to be done before it gets taken apart for paint. Yes, driving the car down the street would help build interest, though that same interest would bleed off once people realize there’s still dozens of odds and ends left to do. That said, first drive will happen sooner rather than later 🙂

A number of people asked what the heck’s going on with the gas pedal. Yes it looks massive but it’s just been boxed-in so there’s no concern about the pedal twisting. Granted, some holes would look nice and would lighten the appearance.