6 Jul 2008

A busy weekend. Saturday the table was finished, attaching the remaining panels and lifting the heavy *cough* bastard *cough* onto the sawhorses. Borrowed the engine hoist and scales from my brother so I could answer a question that’s been bugging me for a long time: what are the drivetrain component weights? I expected it to be about the same as the Honda H22A1 I used in Kimini, or about 475 lbs. This engine’s basically the same, in fact it’s a bit larger, 2.4 liters instead of 2.2, so it seemed fair to expect about the same.

So what does a Honda K24A1 weigh? Engine + exhaust manifold + alternator + starter = 283 lbs. This does not include the flywheel or clutch (I have neither), nor engine mounts. The 5-speed transmission weighs 87 lbs + 10 lbs for the intermediate shaft, for a total of 381 lbs. Figure 8 lbs for an aluminum flywheel and maybe 15 lbs for the clutch. As far as I can remember, these are the same parts included when the H22A1 was weighed. So the grand total is 403 lbs, which is pretty awesome, a lot lighter than the H22. Of course neither total includes the engine mounts and axles but I’m pretty happy. It nicely lowers the weight by ~70 lbs and moves the CG further forward, now at an estimated 40/60 front/rear. I’m happy.

On the floor alongside the table is the bundle of wood that will become the mockup. I’ll buy some plywood to make 90 degree “bends” for the cage, but things are moving along. I included a sketch (preliminary) as a teaser so you can get a feel where things are headed :). The last shot was after I turned off all but one of the lights, the first parts of the puzzle on the table, awaiting their buddies to become something pretty cool.