7 Dec 2017

Did some more local test drives; idle is slowly being improved.

During a drive, saw some smoke and headed to a local mountain for a better view. The picture is looking straight north so you can see how Santa Ana winds blow west,  opposite the normal direction. This one was later named the “Lilac Fire” and unfortunately started in a canyon running east-west, a perfect recipe for disaster. People living in SoCal don’t lecture people regarding fire danger; we all know Santa Ana’s don’t play favorites and any year could be our turn. Pretty sure this fire was responsible for the second emergency warning we got on our phones in as many days.

On the way home, “Baja Dude” in an enormous off-road truck tried to show off his gentleman tackle (as Top Gear would call it). We were in heavy traffic moving about 26 mph, so I’m wondering, “huh, really?”, with no choice but to ignore him. The group of cars we were stuck in proceeded to the next light, where a guy in a BMW SUV completely moved over on me – first time that’s happened but it’s inevitable. Driving something so low makes Midlana a candidate for such things and as long as it’s planned for (think: motorcycle) it’s not a big deal; just touch the brakes and let him slide over – 12″ in front of my nose. What was surprising was Baja Dude suddenly accelerating up even with the SUV, honked his horn and yelling at him. At the next light, the SUV owner got out and walked back to me, very apologetic. I appreciated the gesture and said “it’s okay, I’m used to being invisible in this”, but couldn’t help but notice him checking his rear bumper for damage…