7 Nov 2010

Mocking up the side panels has finally begun. The trickiest are the ones on each side of the engine compartment, with the curve at the tops. After these are dealt with the rest should move along fairly quickly. My brother was at the metal yard yesterday and picked up most of the rest of the aluminum so that helps.

In other news, my manuscript reviewer had some pointy comments about some of the chapters. Though warned ahead of time, he’s finding how the chapters’ cohesiveness and structure decrease the further he gets. That’s because I write in a series of passes, get all the main points down, then keep rereading the chapter, adding more structure and fine tuning the content. Periodically I go back and start working through the entire manuscript from the start, but what always happens is getting distracted by a particular chapter that needs something. The result is that the passes through the manuscript are fewer further the further he reads, and is why reviews are needed. There’ll be numerous passes for structure, general content, spelling, grammar, and an engineering review of specifics. Writing a book is a really big time sink; I can’t help but wonder who spent more time on a book, me or J. K. Rowling (Harry Potter author)… and look at the difference in the two markets! Oh well, I enjoy the process, niche market or not.