9 May 2013

Took the gas regulator to the welding shop to have them check it out. Of course they can’t fix it there and have to send it out, delaying things another week… of course.

Removed the radiator to add a long-needed bottom drain and thermal fan switch. As it was, coolant temperature at the cylinder head was being used to determine when to switch on the cooling fan, which meant that there was a big slug of hot coolant already headed to the engine in the return line. The result was that the engine took a long time to cool off after the fan switched on. It makes sense to have the switching sensor on the radiator return tank because it prevents the engine from ever seeing over-heated coolant.

The clutch manufacturer should receive the clutch tomorrow but it’ll likely be Monday or Tuesday before they know anything, then another five days to get it back… oh well.

Meanwhile, 12,000 lbs of retaining wall blocks were delivered today… that’ll keep me busy!

Oh, and I was so impressed by the picture of Midlana that my buddy, Max, took with his Canon G12, I bought a used one. It remains to be seen if image quality will look any better on this site since all pictures are compressed to 1024 x 768. I like the G12 a lot and it reminds me of the old Canon G2 I had. Since the G12 is already “yesterday’s news” it was fairly cheap – not quite a DSLR but close. I’ll have to check if there’s an adaptor available so that it can be fastened to the spotting scope for bird pictures… and I just know some of you love bird pictures here…