9 Oct 2011

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. It’s been a combination of competing interests and a big mental stumbling block. I absolutely <em>loathe</em> doing anything over again on the car, and nothing has hit harder than redoing the cowl. The knowledge that I had already bought the material, cut it out, shaped it, drilled it, trimmed it, was a big relieve. Great, put it behind me, close the door, and move on. Nope, after staring at it for months I couldn’t bring myself to stick builders with having to bend the cowl in order to slip it around the down tubes because it was almost for-sure would crack the paint.

Soooo, it’s being redone, made in three pieces instead of a nasty one-piece affair, and has been extremely hard to push through it again (I was done). Anything else seems much more interesting; it’s like not wanting to write that big term paper. But as you can see, progress, as painful as it is, is happening, and it should be done by next weekend (though I have to help the kids move…) After this I’m looking forward to doing the hood – that’s be much more fun (and new) than the cowl.