9 Sep 2012

The day shot by. Checked the fuel tank (again) for leaks and it was a good thing, too. Not one, not two, but three leaks were missed during the first round! Making a gas tank is somewhat nerve-raking because after it’s filled with gas it becomes much less convenient to repair, which is why it was checked again. With it now good to go (fingers-crossed) it was installed from below and the under-frame installed. Clamps above the top corners keep it boxed-in without any direct contact (so in the event of an accident any mounts don’t tear a hole in the tank.)

Installed the wire harness – more or less. It’s just sitting in there loose with plenty of clamps left to install.

The rocker arm shown below is an example of, well, sloppy workmanship. It’s just the way it is with vendors who, even when explicitly told what to do, seem to do a half-assed job. If I wanted to be a pain I’d take the parts back and make them remove the overspray. Lucky for them I’m not one for confrontation – I just bitch about it on the Interweb… The unmasked holes aren’t too bad, just needing a reamer run through them (even though they were told to mask them.) The real pain is overspray in the bearing cups, where getting it out of the corners is a time-sink. Fortunately they managed to keep it out of the snap-ring grooves – if they’d be plugged with paint they’d have gone back.

The throttle cable end is a cute little assembly – as you will see I painted many of the little bits in lime green – they make a nice accent against the grey.

The last picture shows the magnitude of the mess. Virtually everything has to be reinstalled so it’s hard to not jump from one task to another. Because the beta-builder said that his car has bumpsteer issues, that’s eating at me enough that the front suspension will be installed early in the build-up so that can be checked. Not knowing is worse than finding it incorrect. Among the mess on the floor is a tap – absolutely necessary to run it through every threaded insert else the rod ends will jam up bad.