29 Jan 2008

Got the wheels today and boy they’re big, and blingy!¬† These were bought because wheels are next on the list of must-haves after the tire sizes were chosen. These will be for the street, so they ended up more towards the appearance end of the pool as opposed to function. I’m trying to contain costs more than with Kimini so it means going with heavier wheels than I’d like. What I get in return is a stronger wheel so I don’t wince whenever I hit potholes. These are literally three times cheaper than proper race wheels¬†though about 7lbs heavier – but so be it.

The wheels are from Sportmax which are apparently sold to drifters with Nissan 240SX cars. They aren’t perfect but they’ll serve their purpose just fine and at $130 each, it was too good to pass up. Before I hear, “those are way too big, 17″ is dumb”, keep in mind that since the design spec calls out only tire outside diameter; the builder is free to choose a different size. That is, any tire from 14″ – 17″ will work just fine. I chose 17″ because it’s my opinion that it “future proofs” the wheel choice for a long time. This is my reaction to getting bit from dwindling 13″ street tire sizes with Kimini – I don’t think 15″ tires are far behind. Once burned, twice shy. Also, this guarantees that when builders slap on 9″ wide race wheels, they’ll fit just fine.

Looking at another engine for sale. I keep flip-flopping between building a high-reving normally-aspirated engine and a forced-induction solution. Either way it’s going to require changing pistons and rods, and I recently came across a partly disassembled project engine that has neither – perfect. I’d have to take it apart anyway, and with it disassembled, it’s much easier to check out.