28 Jan 2018

Had to load a previous tune. One of the many things done to achieve a smooth idle was to run open-loop idle (no AFR adjustment). Once the smooth idle was reached, I wondered if maybe closed-loop lambda control could be reenabled – nope. Car regressed back to falling flat on its face leaving a stop. Fixed.

In other news, my 2013 Ford F150 has worked fine until a couple weeks ago, when the blower fan started making the truck feel like one of those cheesy vibrating beds in motels – something had thrown off the fan balance.

A few online videos made it look doable (anything under the dash of a newer vehicle is always a dicey proposition). All the videos talked about how hard it was to get the screws out but didn’t mention actually getting the unit out from under the dash as an issue, yet both took about the same amount of time. I was guessing that leaves, seeds, maybe a dead mouse, or paper from the floor had got sucked in. What it turned out to be was… I have no idea. Whatever this is was likely always in the ducting somewhere and took 5 years to fall into the fan.