1 Sep 2009

My brother gave me grief over my calculated numbers (no doubt due in part to them being faster than his car.) His does have a point though, that I’m being overly optimistic about what Midlana’s going to weigh. As a data point, Kimini weighed 1595 lbs wet. Okay, so where’s all the weight-savings going to come from on Midlana? No composite shell, that’s about 100 lbs. No doors, there’s another 65 lbs. The engine’s 70 lbs less (very surprising.) BUT some things are heavier. There is some composite, let’s say 25 lbs. There’s a heavy turbo system, maybe 50 lbs, and the wheels and tires are quiet a bit heavier, perhaps another 50 lbs. Another 10 lbs saved by going to a flat dash. So I removed 120ish pounds, so Midlana will be around 1475. Interestingly, had I paid attention, the spreadsheet says it’ll be 1460 lbs, which is pretty close!

So the car is heavier but not by much… Running the numbers again shows a 2.7 sec 0-60 and a 10.7 quarter. Still crazy, though I expect to only see numbers like that with drag racing slicks.

This number doesn’t sit well with my brother since his Super Stalker weighs around 1680 lbs wet. He thinks I’m living in La La Land on my weight estimate – and maybe I am. His guess is Midlana will weigh in at around 1600 lbs or so. I know my drivetrain’s 170 lbs less than his, not including his 150-lb rear axle, but I have more steel in the chassis. We’ll see 🙂