10 Apr 2012

Okay, I’m back. My PC died Sunday morning (there’s an Easter Egg!) with artifacts appearing on the screen right from power-up which prevented a full Windows boot-up. Suspecting that it was probably the graphics card, a new card was ordered – gotta love NewEgg for getting the new card here in 24-hrs via standard shipping. It was either risk the purchase of a new card or handing the PC to a shop for diagnosis and I lucked-out, this time. The new graphics card, an EVGA GTX550 is of course, faster, half as expensive, smaller, and runs cooler than the old one – figures. I was fortunate to find a new card worked with my old motherboard – the lesson there is that sometimes it pays to buy the latest motherboard when building a machine. Had a so-so MB been used it probably wouldn’t have worked with the new card.

Last Sunday the intercooler ducting was finished. What’s next? Who knows, something off the remaining list of things-to-do. My buddy, Dennis, pointed out that it would be a very good idea to drive the car for real (autocross for example) before it’s painted in order to identify any late changes. We’ll see.

Oh, and the hummingbird I took a picture of has already left the nest, AND there’s a new nest being built in the same Japanese Maple that was nested in last year… wonder if it’s the same Ms Hummingbird?