10 Dec 2014

The dry sump tank mount is done; finally there’s some pictures to go along with my usual blathering! The last picture of the tank might be a little unclear due to the tire peeking around the corner; it’s simply been rolled out of the way and the tank is at the back right corner of the car. The alternator belt routing is hard to see if the picture is zoomed out any more but it resembles an hour glass, with the belt getting within about 1/8″ of itself above the water pump pulley. If the belt ends up wearing on itself a small diameter idler will be added to keep the belt apart but hopefully that won’t be required.

The rather “baller” Barnes dry sump pump was mounted with the inlets horizontal to try and minimize the number of angled fittings. Straight fittings are lighter, much cheaper (by a factor of 2-4!), and flow better. The oil-to-coolant heat exchanger will be retained because with 2.25 gallons of oil now it should help warm up the oil faster than it would otherwise.

The dry sump pulleys and belt should be here this week but they aren’t holding anything up. There’s making up the hoses for one. A second valve cover was sourced so that the car can be run while it’s being modified. There’s no longer a need for the dipstick or oil filler, so plates will be welded over both and smoothed. An AN fitting will be added to the existing vent port in case a crankcase bleeder is necessary. Since the cover’s already being modified, it’s a good time to do something I’ve always wanted to do, mill off the “Honda” lettering and replace it with “Midlana”, then the assembly will be powdercoated. The crankcase breather tank needs a larger -12 inlet fitting, then of course there’s fabricating the new floor panel. Lots to do still but Midlana will be back on the road soon. My brother and I are already working on lining up track day dates.