10 Dec 2017

Drivability is now much better, though one loose end is when slowly transitioning from no gas to slowly accelerating. The “handoff” from essentially idling to accelerating still needs some work, as the transition still has a bit of a hiccup.

Anyway, my brother and I did a car show at our old high school. It was¬†a typical hot rod show where few people do the work on their own cars and everyone walks around looking at 50’s-60’s muscle cars that after a while, all start looking the same. Worse, about the only people there were car owners, with virtually no crowd of onlookers. There was one notable exception to the cookie-cutter muscle car: the guy started with a USPS Postal truck, removed the body, then added his own frame and paneling, and calling it a “33 Riley”. The engine’s from a Nissan 280Z and fits the car’s character perfectly. He made everything himself, cut, bent, and riveted the paneling, added big drum brakes, complete with real wire wheels. He “wins” in our book, though we didn’t stick around for the expected win of no doubt some $150K muscle car that’s hardly ever driven. The Rikey builder said he’s put about 70K miles on it since¬†finishing it.