11 Apr 2010

If it seems like progress has slowed, I suppose it has, partly due to having no vacation where much happens. It’s also due to the now-familiar mid-project blues, which I don’t quite understand having it happen now. That is, the project’s at least 75% done, so it’s not like there’s a huge amount left to do. In fact there’s really only one sizable task left: electrical. Even there, all the hard work (the design) is already done, so that all that’s left is following the diagrams.

Anyhow, the lower firewall is in place and drilled for rivets, which is a fresh reminder how sucky working with stainless is. I decided the upper half needs to be removable to better access the front of the engine, so it was cut in two. At this point, enough of the car is in place that wiring can proceed. Of course there’s the taillights and license-plate lights to wire, which seems to indicate that the rear paneling should be in-place. At this point though, the wires can be run to the rear corners and tied off, same with the headlights.

I’ve been thinking about the path the project should take. Right now the idea is to wire the car to the dash, reinstall the drivetrain, and trailer it to the dyno shop. Getting the engine tuned would be a huge motivator, easily helping to push the project to completion.

In other news, we had two employees pass away last week of unrelated causes. We’re hoping the earthquake counts as a third event, as these things seem to happen in threes – or so says the urban legend.