11 Nov 2012

Wrapped the taillight harness and checked the operation. The lights work fine but it reminded me that I need to get a proper turn-signal unit – one that works with LEDs. The front turn-signals are filament bulbs and as long as they’re connected, the rear turn-signals work. However, disconnect the fronts and the rears stop working because they don’t draw enough current.

Installed nearly all the rest of the rivnuts – there’s a lot. Installed the fuel level sensor – still afraid to fill it for the first time. It needs to be done early in the day so if there’s a leak there’s time to drain it and get it out of the garage. A middle ground is to remove it and fill it outside, then seal it up and let it sit in the sun for a few hours, which will pressurize it and locate any leaks.  Thing is, I’m getting distracted.

My parents are in their 90’s and while my family has had the good fortune of strong genes, no one lasts forever. Dad’s lately much less able to do things around the house and is having medical issues, so I’ll be spending time helping them out. Getting old and the end of life is a door none of us want to think about, but such is life. This will be a very important Thanksgiving…