13 April

Well nuts; I may be completely wrong about this and have to step back.

After discussing intercooler placement with people smarter than me, there was pretty much one answer (unlike asking why the engine broke, but I digress). The consensus is that the proposed intercooler location isn’t going to work at all, with virtually no air flow through it. The discussion concluded with either scoops being added to the sides of the car, or better yet, an F1-style air intake snorkel. I’ve been resisting the latter for two reasons: it blocks rear visibility (which some people claim isn’t a big deal – until they try it), and the air riding up and over the windscreen may get thrown high enough that it completely misses the intake. Unfortunately though I think they’re right, and I feel bad that I caught myself just hoping that things would work out – that’s not good engineering.

There’s only a few places for such a large intercooler but one unexpected perk of having it where it’s shown is that the snorkel ends up directly behind me, out of the path of the mirror. Yeah I know I can add side mirrors and maybe I will, but if it works out without them, all the better. If the core ends up as shown, it means an entirely new engine cover is needed, maybe composite, maybe not, depending what kind of air boxes are out there. Another perk of going with a snorkel is that it can also feed the air filter. Lastly, if the core ends up there, it effectively eliminates about 3 feet of intake tubing.

Right now different positions are being tried out so for now end tank fabrication has been set aside in the interest of – surprise – thinking the design problem through first!