12 Dec 2012

Received the glass a few days ago, it fits and will do its job fine – and was set aside until the rest of the car is done. Ordered various nuts and bolts. Purchased a section of 2″ aluminum tubing to replace the steel (rustable) section connecting the two fuel filler hose sections together. In hindsight, why I didn’t use stainless I don’t know. Also ordered Dzus fasteners for the engine cover. The “liquid shim” that was poured between the nose and front cover on Sunday looks like it’ll work perfect.

I’d bought what I thought was a cool radiator hose adaptor to connect to the rear of the K24 cylinder head, only it… leaks. Every time I give it the “wipe test”, there’s a drop or two of coolant hanging below it. If I don’t have any spare O-rings, it’ll be welded together to fix it once and for all – I hate leaks.