12 Dec 2014

Some of the plumbing fittings won’t be here until Monday, pushing completion to next weekend – bah. Also, I failed to confirm that the pan and pump fittings were the same size, which of course means that they aren’t; the pan’s -10 while the scavenge fittings on the pump are -12. They’ll be exchanged, which again means it won’t get done until next weekend, but no rush.

In the meantime the pulleys showed up, but other than setting belt tightness, checking how well the belt tracks can’t be tested until the engine’s running, which requires having the plumbing in place, sort of a Catch-22. In the meantime, the previously-cut chassis diagonal was welded back in, the hose assemblies for which I do have parts were assembled and installed (-16 is big stuff!), and the catch can was modified for a -12 inlet. Still need mounts for the oil/coolant heat exchanger since without the panel below the engine, it’s currently hanging from the coolant hoses. Probably the easiest solution is to weld in a few more diagonals since they’re easy to reach around.

This gives time to take care of all the nick-picky stuff that has to get done anyway and if I get bored of that, there’s always figuring out the alternator wiring. Pretty much have to have both working to get the car back on the road!