13 Aug 2016

Decided to upgrade all the wastegate hoses to proper stainless-braided lines due to the high-heat conditions they live in. Once plumbed, they look downright race-car like ūüôā

The last three pictures show the hoses branching off from the turbo water supply to cool the wastegates РI cut it way too close on how near to each other the small fittings are. The next picture is a tip I picked up on how to hold two stainless hoses together. Instead of one zip-tie holding them against each other (so they can abrade into one another), this way still holds them but without contact while also allowing some relative movement. The last picture is what happens when someone Рthat would be me Рforgets and installs a Stato-Seal somewhere inappropriate, like on the waster cooling fitting on the turbo. The turbo obviously gets really hot, as evidenced by what once was an O-ring.

Regarding website ads, I feel like I have the contradictory situation of resenting advertising (yet enabled them), wanting to benefit from them (yet don’t like seeing them), wanting to advertise my book, yet don’t want to come across as¬†a hard-sell. I know I need to do a better job of showing what the Midlana book is about to have it sell itself to those wondering if it’s worth the price. As a first step, the front page from each chapter¬†been added to the Book¬†page.

I also planned to include reviews from the purchase page, but the printer has the annoying feature of not carrying over reviews from one edition to the next. As a result, there aren’t nearly as many had the first edition reviews been retained – oh well.