13 Jan 2014

I was going to post a video of Midlana on the dyno, but my buddy Joe said he already found it on YouTube., recorded by one of the other attendees.

FWIW, I asked my engine builder exactly what rpm he “built” my engine for. Imagine my surprise when he said, “9300 rpm”… yikes! So that explains some of the missing power, though I’m not sure how close to the edge I want to venture.

Included in the video is an Audi S4, running a very impressive 580+ whp. Later I found out that he’s running E85, which really makes me wonder if I should step up(?) to the stuff. It’s an obvious choice for turbo engines, with a much higher effective octane, and it burns much cooler. It’s nearly a win/win for the engine, more power and less chance of detonation, but then there’s the availability issue. The irony is that of the dozen or so stations in California, two are within a mile of me. Of course, if I ever want to go on a road trip, it pretty much rules it out. I suppose I could have two ECU maps, one for E85 and one for gas…