13 Jul 2008

Started in on the wood mockup. With Kimini I had a crutch; the pre-existing shell confined the chassis so I couldn’t mess up too bad. With Midlana, I have total design freedom, a mixed blessing. I haven’t cut too many “tubes” yet but am already changing things. It’s nearly a hard requirement to have all the major parts on hand; it would have taken a ton of time to do all of this in CAD, then a mockup would <em>still</em> be needed. The changes being made aren’t anything major, but it’ll be easier, simpler, and lighter to build – I doubt anyone minds. The part in question is the bodywork covering the front face of the rear fenders. Right now it “looks” simpler to just leave it out, more like a tradional Seven. Of course that means rocks will beat up the fenders just like in a Seven, so we’ll see. Regardless, the side air inlets will stay, ducting cooling air into the engine compartment.

Ordered a radiator, a sweet two-row, double-pass, aluminum unit. It, like all the other parts already on hand, are needed, now, to find exactly where to put all the tubes. I’ll post a few pictures this week.