14 July 2013

Spent much of the day working on the book – that hasn’t happened in a while, especially on “garage day.”

After that I decided to try to measure the 0 – 60 time. It was decided that having a camera on the car wouldn’t help things if I got pulled over, so it was left at home and the datalogger was used. The end result was, well, unclear. To make it as fast as possible I started in second gear but the logs show it could have gone a lot better. It’s unclear how synchronized the speed, rpm, and acceleration are, and I know I came to a complete stop, so apparently GPS-based speed lags behind actual speed by “some amount.” For these reasons I’m not sure how well it did, but it looks as though I need to rev the hell out of it and be more aggressive on the clutch. Between two tries it looks as if it’s somewhere between 3.5 and 4.3 seconds, but that’s just words, and as we all know, the Interweb demands, “pictures or it didn’t happen”, or at least, datalogs…

Oh, and before someone gives me a hard time about “why didn’t you use first gear”, well I’m working on that – maybe next time. Somewhat related, the logs showed that at higher revs, it takes the engine 0.9 seconds to spend down by 35%, the ratio between first and second gear, and the amount of time that has to pass before it’ll drop cleanly into second. I’m still looking into how people deal with that delay, and what’s interesting in the logs is how linear the engine spins down, almost as though the ECU is managing it in some way.