14 Jun 2009

Built up the inboard suspension pivot fixtures, starting with the rear. Setting it in place (with great trepidation) showed that the forward lower pivot point was off 1/2″… huh? Had to go back through the CAD drawings, suspension design software, and measuring the chassis to figure out where the error was introduced. It appears I used suspension number from one of the endless iterations for the chassis and a different iteration for the fixture. No harm done as neither the A-arms nor pivots are in place yet. The new location was run through the suspension software to make sure it’s okay, and it is. Just have to fix the one A-arm fixture.

Anyhow, so that was the rear fixture. The front one went together fine and setting it in place doesn’t show any problems so that’s good to go.

Saving the actual suspension bracket fabrication to next week, I wanted to do something different. The Honda RBB intake manifold was modified to work with the RSX-S throttlebody and Hondata gasket. The nice thing about this manifold is that I don’t have to make one (for now), it flows pretty well, and it’s a lot lighter than the OEM CRV intake setup. Got a note from Jeremy at Drag Cartel saying he’ll be visiting ERL back east and will try to get some pictures of my block going through the sleeving process. (I requested that I get my block back instead of an exchange because I know the VIN is clean. I don’t want a block that could possibly be stolen.)

Here’s a shot of the Koi pond from last week after we put the babies in; they’re just visible in the foreground at far left. The big fish have just noticed me and are heading over to ask for food.

We’ve been spending time with Cooper – this is going to be a very difficult week. He’s at my feet now, running in his sleep, even though his rear legs don’t work well anymore… it breaks my heart.