14 Jun 2010

Ordered all the goodies for the intake side of the turbo: tubing, couplers, hose, fittings. Hopefully some or all of it will arrive before the weekend.

After thinking about it for several months, the 750 cc injectors are being replaced with 1000 cc units. Not sure how those of you who entered the book contest feel, but it buys me some overhead for the expected power for the dyno test. You can do the math and figure out where this is headed, but the goal is >400 whp – there, the number’s out of the bag. 🙂 Doesn’t mean I’ll achieve it, but all the numbers look promising.

As I type this, there’s 10-12 sparrows outside my window, running around in the dusk looking for seeds. In the loose dirt areas, they’re taking dust baths. Nature’s an awesome and fascinating thing.

And another earthquake…