14 Mar 2010

Worked on the dash mid-week, which is done other than adding an accessory outlet which is on the way.

Instead of working in the garage, spent time on this beautiful day  doing family stuff. Yesterday was spent replacing the garage door opener. I don’t know what’s with these things, but this is the third unit that’s failed the same way: the “collision/reverse” feature goes bad and it starts backing up for no reason at all. No, the light beams are working fine and show “green” the entire time. The odd thing is that of three different models and makes, they all failed the same way.

This afternoon, worked on the book which has been languishing, creating drawings for the front rocker assembly. That’s  nearly done and after making related changes to the chassis, it’ll  be up to date – finally!

Next weekend’s plan is to make the fuel tank cradle. In order to move forward on the wiring, the tank needs to be in place since everything has to go up and over it, including wires, cables, coolant lines, and emergency brake.