15 Feb 2017

I’m still here, just not doing much car-wise, but a lot related to the fish pond. As mentioned, a new rotating drum filter is under construction – bigger, badder, and overall better, I hope. The idea is it’ll be pretty much bulletproof and can be ignored for months on end.

Finally bought a router, a wonderfully versatile tool limited only by the user’s imagination. With the appropriate plastic cutter bit it worked great cutting up the HDPE (high density polyethylene) sheet. Below are various pictures of the new filter under construction; the drum was first to be built (looking oddly like an enormous air filter element). The stainless sprocket was cut with a water jet. The last two pictures show the effect of a vastly improved filter and UV – they were taken 4 weeks apart.

I post on Instagram (#Midlana1) about whatever I’m doing and am also very active in the Midlana Builder’s forum, which you can find the link to above. There are about a dozen Midlana builders now so stop by and read up on some of the threads.