15 Jan 2011

Gave the vendor (and UPS) until the next morning to post that the package was in their system – nothing. Called the credit card company and learned about how this sort of thing works (though I complain a lot, I’ve never actually canceled an order this way.) Turns out unless my card had already been charged, there’s nothing they can do before it occurs. The only out was to get a new card… ugh. So instead I wrote yet another e-mail to the vendor and surprisingly, he called back this time. After a long civil conversation, the parts (including a substitute lamp for the one still on back-order) was shipped off.

Sure enough the order arrived and was everything was as-ordered. One of the items was a dome light, useful when messing about in the car on a dark night. The vendor had a white-LED unit with a built-in on/off switch, listing its size as 11 X 4.5 X 1.5. I briefly wondered what the units of measure were (none were listed) but it was pretty obvious it was centimeters…


It was inches! Click on the picture to see what must be the world’s biggest dome light! Incredible… gigantic would be more appropriate to the point of laughter. Thankfully the relationship at this point has been straightened out so there’s no hard feelings, which is a good thing. Have to see if we can work an exchange for something more appropriately-sized for Midlana. At this point I think I might just go with a white-LED strip light on an overhead tube.