15 Mar 2013

Applied to Grundy for insurance. What’s interesting is how a signed application, pictures, and check must be sent, even before they’ve approved the policy; ‘spose it’s to save time if approved. Haven’t heard anything from the first company, American Modern Insurance Group, which leads me to wonder if their so-called “lock-out period” for the earthquake continues, or if they have no intention of contacting me, or they’re just clueless. Less and less impressed as more time passes. Let’s hope that Grundy comes through so I don’t have deal with AMIG… It’ll be interesting to see if Grundy pulls the earthquake card or if that’s something that only certain companies exploit.

Received notification that the decals shipped… dang fast turn-around time of about 18 hrs!

Received the longer Dzus fasteners so they were swapped in as required.

Received the entry pass for the Del Mar hot rod show. I suspect that Midlana will likely be about the only car there without a big chrome-plated V8.<br><br>

Have to get reacquainted with the Race Technology digital dash and data logger; after 3 years I’ve pretty much forgotten how to configure both. The various screens need to be configured to something useful so priorities must be chosen about what variables go where. MAP and oil pressure are both critical since both can kill the engine within seconds, though it’s also unlikely that I’d notice in time to get off the gas. The good thing is that alarms can be set so that’ll be done for sure. No more quick drives down the street and having no idea what oil pressure is… Hopefully RT’s products have improved. First impressions were… less than impressive due to so many bugs.