15 May 2011

Welded in the “divot” to the curved section of the center panel so the driver’s seat now misses it. No comments on the welding, please.

Before the panels on each side of the center “tunnel” can be done, the panel at the forward end of the footwell needs to be addressed. At first I started with a flat panel across the bay immediately forward of the pedals but then backed off. The issue is once the car’s buttoned up, how are the inboard springs going to be adjusted? Not just valving, but especially ride height could be a real pain if they’re way down in triangular bay. So after staring at it for a while, the panels on each side of the center tunnel can extend forward and curve outward. This keeps the shocks accessible from above and behind their position. The bottom panel of the storage compartment will have to be removable to get at the shocks (and battery) but no problem there. The panels are needed to keep coolant from ever spraying on the occupants. That’s the trick about designing a car; not only is it deciding where stuff has to go, but how it’ll be accessible once it’s in-place.

The only issue is whether the heater doors will still work… Running the
panels forward makes the shocks visible from the passenger compartment
which is kinda cool, but the fact is lost because the dash completely blocks
the view – unless someone puts their head down into the seat cushion.