16 Mar 2013

Much of the day was consumed by relearning and reconfiguring the dash and data logger. Everything looks promising though there’s a few loose ends, such as it not allowing a low fuel alarm at two gallons… why? The GPS appears to be working; the little light says it’s locked in, and altitude is accurate, but both latitude and longitude are totally wrong, yet stable. I haven’t figured out if it’s a units issue, a reference problem, or what.

Re-bled the clutch which improved things; I hope that the anomaly from before is resolved.

Disassembled the leaking coolant adaptor and slathered on sealant over the O-rings that weren’t doing their job.

Tomorrow will be for checking out parameters with the engine running, moving the license plate down so that it’s not blocking the rear engine vent, and moving stuff around in the garage to finally let my wife park her car inside… she’s been more than patient for a very long time.