16 May 2009

Welded the oil return AN fitting to the side of the pan, done now so it’s not forgotten before everything is delivered to the engine builder – just waiting on the gasket set and coated pistons.

Welded the radiator filler neck to the top of the accumulator tank but tank construction has to wait until the engine’s back in. It has to miss the engine and fuel filler hose while leaving room for the overflow tank. One possible use for the left-over pipe is serving as a custom intake manifold, but all in good time 😉

After that, things wondered a bit. The center “tunnel” (such as it is) is next, but it’s closely tied to the shifter, which depends where the steering wheel goes, which dictates steering shaft routing – the everything-is-connected-to-everything-else thing. Soooo, hours were spent moving the steering wheel and pedals around until they felt perfect. What’s nice is how the steering mated right up to the stock collapsible lower Miata steering shaft. This avoids having to buy steering U-joints at up to $80 each. Oh, and mocking this up confirms that a steering quick-release isn’t an option – it’s a necessity.

With that set it naturally dictates where the shifter goes. This answers the question of whether a stock Honda shifter will work – no it won’t. Not from lack of function – it’s just too big. That’s okay, a nice shifter is a cool side-project and makes the car look much more “business” than a collection of junk-yard parts.