17 May 2013

Since the clutch isn’t back yet, Wife Points were earned building a retaining wall. Car-related things still to do include:

1. The current 3.6 psi wastegate springs limit boost to about 5 psi, so there’s an approximate 1.5 psi overhead to due routing and/or tolerances. With the exhaust out of the car for the clutch work it’s a good time to change the spring pressure and I’d like to go to the designed-to value of roughly 11 psi. What’s a bit of an unknown is how that overhead pressure number will change with spring pressure; will it remain a constant or change as a percentage?

2. The gas welding regulator has been repaired, so bending the steering arms on the front uprights will be done soon. That’s a fair-sized job since they have to cool for hours, then assembled and checked for bumpsteer, going through the process again if it’s appreciably off.

3. Additional access holes may be cut in the bottom of the engine compartment forward of the engine. It’s really tough getting in there with the drivetrain in-place.

4. With the cooling fan thermal switch now in the outlet tank of the radiator, it needs to be wired into the fan relay.

Hmmm, with that listed out there’s still plenty to do!