18 Apr 2011

We’re parents! Hummingbird mom had her babies hatch yesterday or today (taking 16-18 days to hatch.) The inside of the nest is about 1″ across; I wonder how they’re going to fit as they get bigger.

In other news, when I hurt myself it never seems to be in a normal way. Saturday I was leaning over the car, and as you know I have carpet on the floor to make it more comfortable to work on down low. During the paneling sessions there’s a lot of cardboard scraps laying around, one of which I happened to be standing on. Leaned over just enough and presto, my feet slid out from under me on that cardboard. This caused a surprised me to fall onto the front outboard corner of the windscreen frame before I could catch myself (my hands were full, probably with scissors and a marker.) I landed on that frame corner with most of my weight on what I think is my top-most left rib. Ouch. I suspect it might be cracked because it really lets me know when I sneeze or cough. I’m seeing the doctor in three weeks anyway so I’ll see how it is by then. Getting old sucks.