18 Nov 2009

I started a more detailed build log on the forum, where the logs of the two beta-builders are well underway. Since it’s so much easier to post over there I post a lot more often, blathering on about this or that, but it gives more insight into the build. Plus, comments over there are visible to everyone, instead of sending me e-mails and no one else knowing what’s going on.

Electrical work continues. All the engine-ECU wiring is done, other than a couple power and ground wires to chase down. Without them it’ll either not run at all or run “strange,” and strange is bad. To make sure, the engine harness was unwrapped to see what goes where. Debugging power and ground wires can be tricky since continuity doesn’t necessarily guarantee anything – current can go any number of paths, indicating “good,” and still not be wired right. Battery cables and disconnect-switch is in, fuse box is mounted, and wiring has started on the circuits needed to start it.

Also removed the turbine housing to be coated – which might not be a bad thing to have off the car for first start. Even though the manifold’s been cleaned, the shock of exhaust pulses and heat will no doubt dislodge stuff that shouldn’t go through the turbine blades.