18 Sep 2010

My brother stopped by, asking why things were taking so long; I said it was because people keep interrupting… Later he sent a YouTube video of someone building a car really fast; I said the car would be done by now if people would stop sending me videos to watch… okay, not really.

Did a bunch of odds and ends, and finally there wasn’t anything left to do but set Midlana on her wheels. I forgot that the springs used were just sitting around (meaning, the wrong spring rate) and that became apparent when the back of the car trapped the floor jack at 3.5″ off the ground. Cranking the spring seats up solved the problem – just. Springs are on the to-buy list.

So even at the designed-to ground clearance, the car looks low… really low. Yeah, all the numbers are in the computer, but it’s quite striking to actually see it; it’s a lot wider than it is tall – I like that. I and a neighbor pushed it out into the street and turned it around, where it became quickly apparent that wheel alignment (meaning, none) would have to be checked – it was a bitch to push, or we’re getting old, or both. Anyhow, it’s back in the garage, nose in, in anticipation of tomorrow… Note the clamped-in floor ahead of the driver’s seat… can’t use Cleco’s because they’d get ripped off when putting the car onto the trailer

I have no ideal where all the stuff going to go that was under the car… I guess that’s why piles were invented…