19 April

All my spare car parts sold and everyone’s a winner; I get shelf space back and some money and buyers got some great deals.

The week was spent trying to stabilize the idle – much (or perhaps all) of the flailing about being due to my inexperience. The problem is an unstable idle: surging, oscillating, and a frequent stumble. The inability of me to get a solid idle isn’t what worries me, it’s the source of the stumble – the initiating factor. It was suggested that it might be due to the larger (1650 cc) injectors being unable to do small duty cycles, and that the fuel is puddling, but I don’t buy either. Since E85 needs 30% more fuel, that’s the same as running 1000 cc injectors on gas – which is what used to be in there and ran without issue. Also, the puddling can only happen if there are low areas downstream of the injectors for it to collect in – there aren’t, it’s all downhill straight into the cylinders.

Note that the issue involves idle only, above that and Midlana is a rocket. I haven’t even gotten on it hard due to space constraints and the idle drama at every stop light causing the engine to frequently stall. With a small battery, I can’t afford too many stalls because the battery doesn’t get much of a recharge before it happens again. So, for now, I’m slowly circling the opponent, looking for a weakness in its idle puzzle.