19 Feb 2012

Decided to start the engine… after what, 17 months? Took out the plugs and cranked it to build oil pressure, dropped the fuel lines into a fuel container, reconnected the battery and several connectors. The concern was that since running it the last time, the harness was modified yet again to get rid of loose ends, Since one wire at a time was fixed, it was unlikely to cause any mischief, but still. Also, I’d stupidly left the cover off the ECU USB connector and dropped some metal shavings down inside. That actually was kind of scary because even though the ECU was full disassembled and blown out with compressed air, little metal curlies can get stuck under the SMT parts, just waiting for power to be applied. So when the ignition was switched on there was a bit of trepidation, but nothing bad happened and it started right up. Let it run for about 15 minutes and the cooling fan never came on; not sure what’s going on there, I know it worked before. Unfortunately it’s been so long since I messed with the flat dash I couldn’t remember how to read coolant temperature, but suspect it wasn’t configured – for some reason – to display it.

Made six fussy spacers that’ll be threaded to hold the windscreen frame in place – good to have that out of the way, just have to thread them now. Next to finish is the passenger-side seatbelt mounts.

The hummingbird story seemed to have struck a nerve, thanks for all the positive e-mails. Nice to see there are people out there who care about our animal/bird friends. If I said that while sitting at the kitchen table, Mrs. Hummingbird flew right up to the back window and looked straight at me, not four feet away, that might seem made up, huh. Nope she really did, looking at me for about five seconds before heading off. Now, how much should I read into that? 🙂