19 Jun 2010

So I order a bunch of stuff from Race Part Solutions, everything’s “in-stock” and nothing’s back-ordered – great. Three days later I get an e-mail: “We will be in touch as soon as possible about your order…” Huh? Why? Hearing nothing after a few days I send an e-mail asking when they plan to contact me, and (not very hopeful) asked if it has shipped yet – no response. Not cool.

Enough silicon hose showed up from a different vendor that between that and doing the clutch and throttle cable, there’s plenty to do this weekend, never mind the remaining fab work needed for the rear uprights.

In other news, the Kumho V710 tires are still out of stock from the local rep. I wanted to support my local business, but when time’s up, times up, and they may have to come from the Tire Rack – if they have them in stock. My brother asked why I’m going with V710s, why not go with something more mild and long-lasting, especially during shakedown testing. I explained that if there wasn’t a book, I’d agree with him, but between the choices of: consume a year on harder compound tires, publish performance specs based upon so-so tires, and holding up the book’s release until sticky tires are used, I want to go straight to really sticky tires so those performance comments are in the book. Once the car’s up and running, it’ll go to one or two trackday events, the handling¬† documented, and assuming there’s nothing dire, note it in the book and get it published.

And finally, I have mixed feelings about going with larger injectors – not for the engine, but for the guess-the-hp contest. I set the contest rules, listing what parts the engine uses, then changed injectors after everyone made their guess. Obviously I’m going to let the shop tune the car to whatever power they get with the 1000 cc injectors. However, for the contest to stay fair, I may ask the shop what hp the 750s would have produced and use that figure for the contest. That seems most fair, so no one feels cheated.