19 Oct 2014

The turbo is still on the way so I made valuable Wife Points doing chores.

My brother stopped by in his LS3-powered Stalker and let me drive it – I’m not sure where to begin. The two cars are different in just about every way besides weight and horsepower, though how even that power’s delivered is different. The Stalker has tons of torque everywhere while things get going in Midlana above 3000 rpm. The different chassis layouts and the suspension makes it tough to compare, but if I had to come up with one analogy it’s that Midlana’s like a Ferrari and the Stalker’s like a race version of a 1963 427 Corvette (I got a ride in one time). Driving the two over the same road is an experience in opposites; Midlana soaks up the bumps while the Stalker’s rear axle threatens you with back surgery. One difference is how different his modified transmission is than mine. I’ve tried several times to find someone who’s got experience with my transmission to see if it’s acting normal or not – still haven’t found anyone. Shifting in my brother’s car is just a matter of lifting off the gas and shifting “with authority” – it goes right in with a muffled “bang.” With mine, it goes in with a much more harsh “Bang.” I don’t know, maybe mine’s fine and I’m just being overly sensitive, but it certainly is different! What’s disappointing is that my brother doesn’t fit in Midlana (in either seat!) as I’d have liked to hear his impressions, but oh well.

In other news, it was pointed out that just because there were 18-wheelers at Laguna Seca didn’t automatically mean that the drivers were millionaires. There are “arrive and drive” services where they’ll bring, prep, and service a car for you to race and all you have to do is show up. That’s pretty sweet, but a season of that’s got to be pretty expensive. Or maybe I just need to take up gardening… either way, trackdays are enough for me.