2 Jul 2009

Here he is, Midi,as in “mid-engine” (and yeah, a buddy already said, “that is so gay.” Whatever.) The shelter claims he’s a Pit “mix”, a catch-all phrase I think they use when they see some Pit and anything else. To me I see a lot of Labrador, though with his really strange bark/howl/squeaky gargled sounds he makes (along with free-standing on his back legs, I wonder if he’s part Basenji, too. The wrinkled forehead could be a product of Pit, Basenji, or Chow. His head’s slightly wider than a Labrador but not wide enough for a Pit, and his body is much more slender. He’s already longer and taller than Cooper but 2/3 the weight, but who knows how big he’ll get. While there are dog DNA places that report the whole mix – for a price – it doesn’t matter enough to find out.